Halloween and Fall Decor Haul 2018 🍂

My greatest apologies for being absent for so long. This year has been a little crazy for me, but I am happy and excited for my return!

To get back in the groove of things, I’ve decided to write a blog on some of the new fall and halloween decor I just purchased. As a college student who moved out of my parents home just a few years ago, I did not have the greatest collection of decor for my own home. When looking to purchase new decor, it can be hard to find items that aren’t too expensive. It also helps to get some ideas for inspiration if you’re looking for something new.

I decided to check out Michaels online and found lots of awesome things for fairly cheap! Below I have included the different items and photos showing how I placed them throughout my home. (Each photo has the specific items labelled by letters to make it easier to find them.)


I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves to get the small pumpkins when they come out in the produce department at the grocery store. The only problem is they don’t last very long. Before shopping for decorations, I kept thinking how awesome it would be to find some small fake pumpkins that I could use year after year. I was also thinking how cute it would be to have a big basket full of them!

A. The basket in the photo above can be purchased here (No longer available). I figured it would be a great buy because I can still use it throughout the year.

B. The small pumpkins come in different sets of colors and I bought two different sets to mix up the colors in the basket. The red and orange pumpkins can be purchased here (No longer available), and the cream and orange colored pumpkins here (No longer available).

IMG_1846 2.jpg


Pumpkin spice has become so popular, and I thought this sign was so cute!

C. Because it is meant to be a tabletop sign, it does stand on its own and cannot be hung up. It can be purchased here (No longer available).




In my opinion, you can never have enough pumpkins around the house for fall decor. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I got the spiders in the photo, but I know similar ones can be found at most stores with Halloween decorations.

D. I got two of these tabletop pumpkins for my dining room table, they can be purchased here (No longer available).



I was originally looking for a larger scarecrow to place on the bench on my front porch and thought this would be large enough. Unfortunately, I did not look at the dimensions! I was able to find a good spot in the house for him though.

E. I ended up placing this little sitting scarecrow on the coatrack bench in my entryway. It can be purchased here (No longer available).





I love Halloween decorations that go well in the kitchen! This little poison bottle looks great alongside my salt and pepper shakers on the kitchen counter.

F. The poison bottle can be purchased here (No longer available).





I also found these little candle skulls and decided to place them on the shelf in my guest bathroom. They come in sets of four, and are surprisingly very detailed!

G. The candles can be purchased here (No longer available).



As I said before, I love decorations for the kitchen. I found this little sign to hang on the wall above my kitchen cabinets. The writing is quite bold and can still be seen from far away, which is a plus.

H. The sign can be purchased here (No longer available).


IMG_1881.jpgI also found these bat lanterns and pumpkins to place at the sides of my front door. The lanterns come with flameless flickering candles attached on the inside that can be turned on with a switch on the bottom of the lantern. The pumpkins are more of a reddish orange, which is actually really pretty and makes them stand out a lot.

I. The lanterns can be purchased here (No longer available).

J. The pumpkins can be purchased here (No longer available).


IMG_1884.jpg  Here is my front door all put together. I love how the lanterns look with the pumpkins.

I had an old dried out wreath that was ready to be thrown out, so I decided to upgrade it with some spiders and webs. Both are really easy to find at most Halloween decor stores. I got the doormat at World Market a year or two ago, but I don’t think it is available anymore.

I bought the caution tape from Party City last year and it is still available! It came with a set of three differently-styled caution tapes.

The caution tape can be purchased here ($3.99).

IMG_1855 2.jpg

Speaking of caution tape, here is a photo of a different style from the same set above. I used it to decorate the door to my guest bathroom.

It’s nice that the set comes with different styles of caution tapes so you can do different themes around the house.

That’s all so far for my new Halloween decor! If I come up with any new decor projects before Halloween comes I will make sure to write a new post about it. Thanks for reading and wishing you all a happy Halloween! 🎃

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