DIY Metallic Painted Pinecones

With several pine trees in my backyard I seem to have a constant supply of pinecones, which make great decorative accents! There are also so many crafting possibilities with pinecones. Later on I’d like to try making some Christmas ornaments with pinecones, but for now we’ll stick to them as accents.

For the longest time I’ve had this metallic silver acrylic paint that I’ve never used. I also had a bag filled with pinecones, so I decided to try painting some with the acrylic paint to see how it looked. Honestly, using some spray paint would probably be a lot quicker but this way I could do it inside without making a mess, and I thought I might as well try out this paint that’s been sitting around. Either way, the pinecones turned out great! I currently have them as a vase filler in my guest bathroom.

The exact paint that I used can be purchased from Amazonย here. {As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases of this product.}

IMG_1234 2.jpg

Painting them was super easy. First, I rinsed off some of the pinecones with water. Mainly just the pinecones that had a lot of dirt left on them from being outside. A little bit of dirt won’t hurt either, I feel like it makes them look a bit more rustic. *Just a reminder that pinecones absorb water and will tighten up, so you’ll have to let them dry for a day or so if you rinse them with water. After collecting and cleaning my pinecones, I started painting!IMG_1224.jpg

Working from top to bottom of the pinecone, I used a smaller brush to get into the little crevices easier. Also make sure to paint all the undersides of the pinecone. Also, if you wanted to make things easier, you could always just paint the tips to make it look like the pinecones were dipped in silver.


Once the paint is dry, the pinecones look much more metallic-like and shiny. Some metallic gold paint would have looked great too! I’m thinking I’ll do some red for Christmas. I tried to paint most of the pinecones and leave some natural to give some contrast while using them as decorative accents. So quick and easy, I’m happy with how they turned out!



46 thoughts on “DIY Metallic Painted Pinecones

  1. I love your homespun ideas. I have some essential oil (lost my coconut oil at a friend’s house) and now I know what to do with it since I always use scrubs to exfoliate before shaving! Thanks for sharing! I also heard you can use coffee grounds – oh and have you tried beer in your hair! I have, but I’m sure your mask smells much better – it looks gorgeous!


  2. They look really good. I collected a few some time ago and bought some paint spray recently to decorate them. So I think I will give it a go next weekend.


  3. Looks like something you could purchase at a craft store, only better! Bookmarking this for next yearโ€™s holiday crafts.

    Thanks for sharing!


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