Burlap Flower Ornaments

Don’t know if you guys have realized but making ornaments is one of my favorite things to do before the holidays! I also got a bunch of new crafting supplies from Amazon and am so excited! These little flower embellishments worked out great for some natural-looking floral ornaments.

IMG_1636 2.jpg

Below I will give you step-by-step instructions of how to make the ornaments with photos and where to get the supplies to make them. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases of the following products linked below.)

What you will need:

  • Flower Embellishments
  • Crafting Tweezers (optional)
  • Glue/Adhesive
  • Foam Balls
  • Ball-head Pin
  • Paint Brush
  • String

IMG_1447 2.jpg

These flower embellishments are from Amazon and they include two different sizes of the two colors. They are in packs of 50 and can be found online here (No longer available).

I just got these tweezers from Amazon and was so excited to use them for this. They make it easier to glue on objects and not get glue on your fingers, but they are totally optional! They come in a set of four different types of tweezers, and can be found on Amazon here.

The glue I use is the same from my last ornament posts. It is called Golden Gel Mediums Heavy Gel Gloss, washes off with soap and warm water, and dries clear. It can be found on Amazon here.

I used smooth foam balls because I feel they’re easier for gluing on objects and don’t show through gaps as much. You can get them on Amazon in packs of 12 here.

Only one ball-head pin is needed to attach the string to the ornament. I used white ones that can be found on Amazon in packs of 250 here.

The string I used was just some thin white string I’ve had laying around. Hemp string would also look great with these ornaments. The paint brush I used was just some cheap plastic brush that I’ve also had laying around.

Step 1: Cut off about 6-8 inches of string, attach the string to the pin, and dip the pin into the adhesive so that it stays sturdily attached when you insert it into the foam ball.


Step 2: Begin by using the paint brush to apply a good-sized amount of glue to the back of the flowers. Make sure to spread the glue to the edges of the flower petals. I like to hold the flower down with the crafting tweezers, but it’s totally optional if you don’t mind getting glue on your fingers.


Step 3: Then begin attaching the flowers to the foam ball. *Some flowers will have to overlap in order to leave out any gaps. I try to add extra glue to the overlapping flowers to keep the ornament sturdy.


Step 4: Once all your flowers are glued on, all that’s left is to tie off the string. I suggested 6-8″ to give enough room to tie it off. I usually do a bow, but you could also do a regular knot. Make sure to add a little adhesive to the knot so that the string doesn’t come loose when you hang it.

IMG_1486 2.jpg

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