Heart Cutout Ornaments

Finals are over and winter break is finally here! I’ve been meaning to make a new post sooner but was so busy with school that I haven’t gotten around to writing one until now.

So, this is the last DIY ornament idea I will post about this holiday season! I got these wooden heart cutouts at the beginning of the season, but couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with them. I played around with different ideas and really liked how these ones turned out.

These heart ornaments are super easy, and mostly consist of gluing on little embellishments here and there. Below I will give step-by-step instructions of how I made them, everything I used to make them, and where you can buy the supplies.


IMG_1826 2.jpg

What you will need:

  • Wooden Heart Cutouts
  • Present Embellishments 
  • Snowflake Confetti
  • Pencil/Ballpoint Tool 
  • Crafting Tweezers (optional)
  • Clear Glue/Adhesive
  • Paint Brush 
  • Glitter
  • String

(At the bottom of this post I have included descriptions on each item needed and where you can buy each item.)

Step 1: To do the glitter border, I mixed together Mod Podge and gold glitter. (A glitter glue pen would be much easier. I definitely need to get some! If you do have a glitter pen, you can skip this step.) Begin with about a dime sized dab of glue. I use an old bottle cap  that I use to mix paints. Add a good amount of glitter to the glue and mix it together. It might look weird while its wet, but as long as you have a clear drying glue, it will look fine when it’s dry.

IMG_1664 4.jpgIMG_1670.jpg

Step 2: Now to draw the glitter border. I wish I had a ball point tool for this part, but I just used the tip of a mechanical pencil and it worked great! Start out with a rough sketch of the border, using the tip of the pencil or tool as an applicator, then wait for it to dry. Mod Podge dries pretty quickly, and you can easily tell because it will be clear.


Step 3: Now that the border is dry, you can add a second coat to make the glitter really stand out, and fix any spots that you might’ve left out or messed up. The photo below is with two coats once it’s dried.


Step 4: Now for the snowflakes in the background. I used snowflakes from a pack of Christmas-themed confetti. Just add some glue to the back of the snowflakes, and stick them on. Tweezers help out a lot with these steps that involve little embellishments. Also, you can play around here with what you have to see what you like and what looks good. There are many different options you could go with!


Step 5: Gluing on the little presents is similar to the snowflakes. Because the presents are a bit thicker than the snowflakes, I add a pretty generous amount of glue to the back to make sure they won’t fall off.


Step 6: Once the present is dry, I add two thin layers of Mod Podge over the whole thing to keep it sealed and safe from becoming damaged. This will help seal the glitter, snowflakes, and present so they are secure. Just make sure to let it dry between layers.


Step 7: All that’s left is to add string! I chose to do a thin twine to make them look a little rustic. The hearts I used already had holes cut into them to make this step much easier. Like all my ornaments, I tie the string into a little bow, and add adhesive to the knot of the bow to keep it from coming undone.


Now your ornament is finished! There are so many different options with these little hearts. It’s fun to play around and see what you like! Below is a photo of mine once finished. I also have descriptions of the supplies needed and where you can get them.

IMG_1801 2.jpg

Where you can find the supplies:

The wooden heart cutouts are good for so many different ornament ideas. I wanted to do actual wood slices, but figured these would cheaper. Amazon has them in packs of 50, and they can be purchased here.

The present embellishments are perfect for all sorts of crafts. I only wish they included more in a pack, but they are pretty detailed, so it’s understandable. They come in packs of six, and can be purchased here.

The snowflakes I used came from a pack of Christmas confetti. It also includes reindeer, santas, stars, and trees. The pack can be purchased on Amazon here (No longer available).

I finally got my hands on some Mod Podge glue, and realized how long it’s been since I’ve used it! It works great for these ornaments, and can be purchased here.

The glitter I used has been in previous posts. It’s definitely my favorite and is so shiny! It can be purchased here.

As I said before, the crafting tweezers are totally optional, they just help out a lot when you’re working with really little things. The ones I have come in a pack of four different tweezers, and can be purchased here.

If you don’t have a paint brush or string at home already, here are links to some similar ones on Amazon. A thin twine similar to the one I used can be purchased in packs of two rolls here. I use a cheap Crayola brush that comes in hand for a lot of things. The brush can be purchased here.

I’m sure everyone has an old mechanical pencil lying around, but some sort of dotting tool would be helpful as well. Unfortunately using a brush for the glitter border doesn’t work too well because it holds onto all the glitter and mainly lays down glue. The dotting tools I’m talking about can be purchased in a set of five different sizes here. I’m definitely going to be getting those soon, and I love that they come in different colors. 😋

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases of the products linked above.)

Thanks for checking out my last ornament idea! My apologies for it being a bit last minute. Wishing you all a good weekend and a happy holiday! 🎄

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