Winter Decor / Decorating After The Holidays

I hope everyone’s having a great week! My week has been fairly busy with the spring semester starting, but I’m looking forward to getting back in the groove of school.

Even though the holidays are over, winter is here to stay for a few more months! I tend to find it somewhat hard to find winter-themed home decor that’s not associated with the holidays. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way!

With the holidays over, I decided to put together this list of affordable winter decor that I love from Amazon. Everything is under $30, available with Prime shipping, and would look great in any home! All of the photos included below are from Amazon’s website.

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Throw Pillow Covers: 

Throw Pillows.jpg

Throw pillows are always a great way to add colors and themes to your home. These throw pillow covers are so pretty. To be honest, I am a sucker for anything soft blue. The color of these pillow covers is also nice if you’re trying to steer away from the usual red and green colors of Christmas decor.

These 18 x 18″ throw pillow covers come in a set of four, and can be purchased here ($15.35).

Faux Fur Blanket:

White Faux Fur Blanket.jpg

Cozy throw blankets are an essential for any home. I have a faux fur blanket at home and it’s definitely one of my favorites during the chilly winter months. The faux fur also looks very stylish!

This faux fur blanket comes in a bunch of other colors as well, and measures out to 50 x 60″. It can be purchased here ($26.99).

Hurricane Candle Holders:Hurricane Candle Holders.jpgLarge glass hurricanes are so popular right now for home decor. I can’t wait to get these hurricane candle holders for my own home. They would also look great with some sort of vase filler, like sand, artificial plants, or some fairy string lights.

These hurricanes come in a set of two and can be purchased here ($19.99).

Artificial Pine Branches:

Aritificial Pine Branches.jpg

Plants are a great way to add a bit of greenery to your decor, whether they are artificial or not. Aside from potted plants, I like to decorate with artificial plants because they can be used year after year. These pine tree branches would look great as decorative accents, especially layered on top of each other.

These artificial pine tree branches come in packs of 25, and can be purchased here ($14.69).

Fairy String Lights:

Fairy String Lights.jpg

To be honest, I don’t think you could have too many fairy lights. They come in handy for all sorts of things, such as vase fillers or party decorations. I can’t wait to buy these with the hurricane vases, I think they would look great together!

These fairy string lights come in two different sizes and multiple colors. They can be purchased here ($7.99).



Like the artificial pine branches, pinecones can make great decorative accents. They would look great as a vase filler or maybe even as a tablescape using the pine branches as well. With pine trees in my own backyard, I have a steady supply of them, but for those of you who don’t have access to pinecones, they can be bought on Amazon in bulk.

These pinecones come in packs of 50 on Amazon. They are also natural and unscented. The pinecones can be found here ($15.90).

Flameless Birch Candles:

Birch Candles.jpg

I absolutely love these candles! They look fairly real and would be great accents for any winter home decor. I feel similarly about flameless candles as I do artificial plants, which is that they’re great because they can be used year after year. I also like how these almost look like they’re really melting.

The candles include a remote control, LED flames, and come in a set of three. They can be purchased here ($21.99).

String Snowflake Sign:

Snowflake Decor.jpg

This tabletop string snowflake sign is so awesome! The wood and nails make it look quite rustic, and the snowflake gives a wintery feel without being too similar to holiday decor. I’d really like to try making some string art like this on my own someday, but for now I’m going to stick to supporting string art made by others.

The string snowflake sign is handmade and about 5″ tall. It can be purchased here ($23.50).

Pinecone Wreath:


Pinecone wreaths look great as winter decor, and I love how this one has the fake snow. The only winter wreath I have is a glitzy Christmas wreath, but this one would be a great way to decorate the front door for the rest of winter. This would also be a good DIY if you had the supplies and knowhow, but sadly I’ve never made my own wreath. It’s definitely something I want to get familiar with in the future.

This pinecone wreath is about 17″ in diameter, and can be purchased here ($29.49).

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I hope you guys like this winter decor guide. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think!

(As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases of the products shown above.)

28 thoughts on “Winter Decor / Decorating After The Holidays

  1. VERY NICE!!!!!! Would you be opposed to being tagged to make a ladybug creation of sorts? I’m working on a ladybug making challenge that I’m going to set up. sort of like the Sunshine Blogger award. People will post a picture of the banner and a picture or pictures of their ladybug creation/s and maybe a how to of how they made them. Then they would tag like at least two other people and create links for people to follow to see the different ladybug creations. I’m working on the post now and I can edit it to add or delete bits and pieces. There will be no time limit on the challenge/exhibition so it won’t be stressful, cause ladybug making should be relaxing. And they make nice gifts! No Pressure! I hope your day is SUPER GREAT!!!!


    1. I would love to participate in your ladybug challenge! That sounds like a wonderful idea, thank you for considering me for this. I just checked out your post to get information on it. The ladybugs made by Our Little Red House have such amazing detail! I wish I could make some felt ladybugs like that, but unfortunately, I’m just not the best at sewing. Your rock ladybugs look awesome though, would it be alright if I did some similar to that? They would look great outside in the spring!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Go for It! Rock ladybugs are fun to do! And be aware, ladybugs don’t have to be just red. A lot of the rock painters make them in other colors, especially pastels. If you are planning to have them outside, be sure and varnish them really well so the paint doesn’t bubble and come off. I’ll add your link to the challenge page! Thank you for talking back at me! Happy Ladybug Making! Have a GREAT DAY!!!!


      2. Awesome, and thank you for the tip! I will start making mine once I finish up homework and a post I’ve been meaning to finish since last week, so it might take me a few days or so. Thanks again for including me in this! I hope you’re having a great day as well!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank You . Right now I’m just writing what’s coming to my head . Suggest me some topics you like to read about , have to expand my topic knowledge 🙂


      2. You’re welcome! As a list of brainstormed ideas, other topics I like to read about aside from DIY/craft ideas include: anthropology, psychology, sociology, gardening, and cooking. Hope that gives you some ideas!


      3. Cooking , been a while since I did that as I’m living in a Hostel . Will check on the other ideas.
        Thank you Sophie and cute profile picture by the way . I have to find another pic , deleted my facebook and instagram , a while ago . Hard to find one .


    1. Just got my ladybugs posted! Thanks again for including me in this challenge. My ladybug rocks are no where near as great as yours, but I’m so happy I gave them a try and look forward to putting them in my garden!

      Liked by 1 person

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