Peppermint Sugar Cookie Scrub

Hi everyone! The holidays are almost here and in the spirit of that, I thought I would do this fun post on my super easy DIY peppermint and sugar cookie body scrub. This post also includes free printable labels to add to your own sugar scrub!

This sugar scrub is super simple to make and easy to adjust in order to make the size of batch you need. It would be the perfect last-minute DIY gift for the holidays, or even as a little gift for yourself.

What you will need:

  • Jars
  • Ribbon (Optional)
  • Glue for Label (Optional)
  • Oil
  • Color/Dye
  • Sugar
  • Fragrance

For your scrub, you can choose whatever type of oil you’d like. I used a mixture of Vitamin E, almond, coconut, and olive oil. For the coloring, I used a mica soap dye. You could possibly use food coloring, but it may be best to test it beforehand for staining.

The size of scrub you’re making depends a couple factors, such as the size of jar and how many jars you’re planning on making. For my scrub I used 16 oz jars. All you need is 2 cups of sugar for a 16 oz jar, but if your jars are smaller or larger, plan on adjusting accordingly.

Step 1: Start out by getting out two mixing bowls, and filling each of them with sugar. For a 16 oz sugar scrub, add 1 cup of sugar to each bowl.

Step 2: Now it’s time to mix in the liquids for your sugar scrub. For my scrub I add about a tablespoon of olive oil, a dash of Vitamin E oil, and a dash of almond oil. I feel these extra oils are really good for added moisture.

Next, add the fragrance. The sugar cookie and peppermint fragrances I used are from the P&J Winter Collection. I add 4 drops of sugar cookie and 2 drops of peppermint fragrance, as the peppermint is a little strong. You can adjust the scent to your liking.

After mixing together all of those ingredients, add coconut oil until reaching the consistency you like. How oily you want your scrub is totally up to you! I made these scrubs a little more dry for more exfoliation.

Step 4: Next, add the coloring to one of the bowls for the stripes. For this scrub, I used rose pink from this set of mica soap dyes. A little of this dye goes a long way, so it’s a good idea to start out with small amounts. Mix it into the scrub until the color is consistent.

Step 5: Now begin adding it to the jar in layers by color. A spoon works well to pat down each layer, and I also used a coffee tamper and it honestly worked perfectly!

Once your jar is filled with the sugar scrub, you can add some ribbon and a bow if you’d like. This makes the scrub look great when giving them as gifts.

Step 6: Last is adding the label. Click here to download my free printable labels or simply click on the image below. All you need to do is cut out the labels, add a layer of glue to the back, and apply it to the lid of the jar.

A type of paper that is fairly thick, such as cardstock, would probably work best for this. These labels add the perfect touch, especially for gifting these sugar scrubs.

I am so happy with how these sugar scrubs turned out and they smell so good. I hope you all like them as well and enjoy sharing them with your friends and family! I’ve also inserted a Pinterest graphic below as an easy way to save this post. Happy holidays!

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